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DanGarion =dot= com

Powered by Dan

Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory. Lasts forever
13 January 1976
My name is Daniel (Dan, Dangarion, Nad, Powered by Dan, Tough Guy Dan.)

I have a wonderfully cute WIFE!
I'm funny... No really I am!
I love music, as you can tell by my Interests.
I love sports, Baseball is head and shoulders above the rest.
I love women, and I will post pictures of then whenever I hell please! But I still love my wife the most!
I love my friends, in fact some of my best RL friends are on LJ with me.
I love my family.
I play around with computers constantly, and I enjoy my free time reformating and reinstalling operating systems over and over and over and over again.
I'm a hopeless romantic - I write poetry,enjoy romantic comedies, open doors, enjoy alternative rock long songs, and have manners (I walk on the traffic side... if you understand what that means...).
I am Commercial Technical Support for High Speed Online Serivce (I am the one that acutally fixes the problems, not the one that reads from scripts to hopefully fix it.

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