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I just got back from seeing Fellowship of the Ring... And all I can say is wow... That movie was amazing. The best movie I have seen all year. It sucks that I have wait a whole year to see the next one. I think I might even go see it again because I liked it so much. Everything about it was great. I have never read The Load of the Rings, but I think I might actually do that once I finish up the series I am reading now. But I will only read the first book, because I don't want to know what happens the the others till after I watch the movies.

I saw The Majestic yesterday it was good. I would give it a 8. Jim Carrey did a really good job and the movie was a real feel good flick. On Wed. I saw Ali that was good. Wil Smith did a fantastic job, and I would say that it was an 7. But FotR was a 10. :)

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