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Date: 2001-12-29 00:28
Subject: Wow...
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I just got back from seeing Fellowship of the Ring... And all I can say is wow... That movie was amazing. The best movie I have seen all year. It sucks that I have wait a whole year to see the next one. I think I might even go see it again because I liked it so much. Everything about it was great. I have never read The Load of the Rings, but I think I might actually do that once I finish up the series I am reading now. But I will only read the first book, because I don't want to know what happens the the others till after I watch the movies.

I saw The Majestic yesterday it was good. I would give it a 8. Jim Carrey did a really good job and the movie was a real feel good flick. On Wed. I saw Ali that was good. Wil Smith did a fantastic job, and I would say that it was an 7. But FotR was a 10. :)

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User: acoolsecretary
Date: 2001-12-29 09:10 (UTC)
Subject: Movies
Hey Dangarion...your journal came up on random...I am new...but "MOST" heartily agree that 'Lord of The Rings' was AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!! Hey you have a great day 'at the movies'
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User: offy
Date: 2001-12-30 10:26 (UTC)
Subject: *nods*
Yep, LotR was great. At least it will only be a year between installments, not years like the trilogy that doesn't even deserve to bear the Star Wars name. :)

FotR will probably still be in theaters when the second part comes out and the DVD should be released right before then to get people hyped up for the next part.

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