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Weekend... Yes I actually do things on the weekend!

Well this weekend was a blast. Friday night I went and saw Behind Enemy Lines with my cousin Tim. It was good. Nothing special but it was worth the price of admission to see. Saturday we went out to Ontario Mills and did some Christmas shopping. Didn't really buy much of anything. Saturday night was a blast, it was my friend Dave's birthday so we went to this place called Sing Sing, which is basically like a dueling pianos bar. I had 2 long island ice teas and 3 yards of IPA... which I can't remember what it is, but it's something pale ale (really good brew). Normally that wouldn't hit me too hard but being that I didn't eat dinner. plus the fact that I had them in a 2 hour time span I was definitely a little drunk. But I had lots of fun. My friend Doug took a ton of pictures, including me with a bunch of girls and with this stupid sticker thing that said, "Drink Beer, Get Lucky!"

To bad I didn't get lucky :) but I still had fun.

On Sunday, my friend Doug, Paul, my cousin Tim, and I all played Wiffle Foamball, it was really fun. To bad Tim and I lost 8-3. Now my ankle and shoulder are sore but I got a good deal of exercise.

Of course today it's back to work. I will be in the office till about 4 and then going offsite to work on some kiosk units we are deploying. I will be working on those a lot this week.

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