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Hi, I just wanted to say hi. I'm not talkative. Nothing is really happening. I'm moving out in January. I have my eyes on this house in Garden Grove, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, pool, bonus room, pool cleaning and yard work includd in the price of $1400. Then I could rent the place with my cousin and someone else. Party central here I come :)
I only have 2 more payments on my car and then I'm free!

Still no promotion at work. Waiting for some other things to finish up before they post the position. But I am looking at a big raise for my year end review and another one for the promotion. I have been working on some big projects at work. Been working with AOL on our Multi-ISP launch. It's not going along that good. The modems are working correctly and their is major latency. Earthlink seems to have been a smooth transition. Also I have Image files made for my test machines at work of all the operating systems (yeah!) Now I can have any Windows operating system on my test boxes within 10 mins! The other project I have been working on is deploying kiosk units to our cable stores. I have some interesting ideals that have been added to them so we can remote into them easily. I get to go drive around to our cable stores and set them up. Wow working in the office much of next week! Yeah :)

I'm still single. I'm lonely but I don't worry about it. Something will happen when I least expect it.

Thanksgiving was good.

Well I'm off to play some Day of Defeat

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