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Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory. Lasts forever
Date: 2001-10-30 22:41
Subject: Help me out
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Ok I'm posting in here, help me out...

I have a Abit BH6 MoBo http://www.abit-usa.com/eng/product/mb/bh6.htm

I want to get a CPU to replace the celeron 400 I currently having running my web/game server. These are my choices...

my board is a 100MHz and my understanding is that a 133 chip will work on it. Am I right? (I should know this since I deal with this stuff all the time).

I want to get this one...
but I can also choose these if they will work with the board

So will these all work?

Thanks in advance...
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User: anonymous_uci_g
Date: 2001-10-31 00:59 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Does the bios even support that speed at 100mHz?
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Life mostly un-examined.: BigDip
User: dipster
Date: 2001-10-31 07:00 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The BH6 does support a 66/100 FSB. But I don't remember what range of multipliers it supports tho'. I'm still using a BX6-2 in mine, and as I recall, the BH6 is just the somewhat cheaper version. I've got a Celeron 566 overclocked to 850 in mine.
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Life mostly un-examined.: BigDip
User: dipster
Date: 2001-10-31 07:09 (UTC)
Subject: All those CPUs will work
Just remember that since you'll can only run 100mhz FSB at most, you'll only be running at 75% of the rated speeds for those 133msz FSB processors, for example, the 667mhz@133 is in reality just a 500@100.

You could get a Slotket card and have a better selection of processors to choose from, instead of just the Slot-1 stuff.
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Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory. Lasts forever
User: dangarion
Date: 2001-10-31 07:51 (UTC)
Subject: Re: All those CPUs will work
Well I don't care about OC'ing the card that much...

I'm mainly looking to just get more processing power, maybe I should get the 700E and then OC it someone told me that can go to 933...

Well I'm going to get one of them. :)
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