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Ack! - Warning GEEK ALERT

I was up way to late last night. I was playing around with my Linux box trying to install Unreal Tournament on it. For some weird reason my CD rom wouldn't mount. I went ahead and tried something that seemed logical and it fixed the issue but still makes no sense. For some reason my box kept trying to read the Floppy when the request was for the CDROM. (whatever)... Anyway I started playing around at 11:00 pm, then it was 12:00 am and then 12:15 came along and I decide to try to install a dedicated UT server. Messed around with it, and it's all of the sudden 1:25 am and Fountains of Wayne is going to be on Kilborn so I stay up a little longer. The next thing I know I have my UT server running, even though the Web Server is a POS and won't show pages unless I refresh a million times on the Linux box, but I can't see them on another computer connected to the Internet, for some reason the port doesn't show open. Heck it doesn’t show the game port open either but I can play on the server. Well it ends up 2:30 am and I tell myself I have to get to sleep. I could have kept working on the thing. It just frustrates me, I even uninstalled the stupid Tiny Firewall that is installed trying to see if that was the cause and it still didn't work. Oh well. I can play UT on my own dedicated server with 6mb down/2mb up bandwidth. Oh it's nice knowing what you are doing at work so you get the benefits of a nice big Internet pipe. Especially since I have this nice new Toshiba PCX2000 modem I'm testing out. Talking about cable modems I got some documents on a new web based cable modem interface that RCA has developed for the cable modem providers that really kicks ass...

Anyway the moral of the story, I was up till 2:30 am and woke up at 7:00 am for work. I'm actually not that tired.

Gotta go, Smallville is on!

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