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Well that was one busy weekend...

Gee it seems like I always write in my journal but then when I look at it, it seems like I never write in it... How confusing! This weekend was crazy! Starting with Friday, I went out with Doug and Kris, we caught Pay it Forward. It really was a great movie. I had to really hold back from crying at the end. Especially since I was out in public! It is definitely a movie to take a date on. They will be cuddling up next to you and crying at the end.
Then on to Saturday, I didn't do much of anything during the day, just sat around the house and watched stuff on TV. Saturday night I went with K to a friends place way out in BFE. Had a really good time seeing people I don't see that often sitting around and talking, singing, and watching a really fantastic movie... I would really love to share the movie title and information with you, but I figure I will leave that to the rightful owner. It was the best movie I had seen in a 24 hour period (yes it was more then 24 hours since I had seen Pay it Forward). I'm going to log on to Internet Movie Database and give it a 10 right now!
Today I went over to D's place and we hung out and watched football like we do every Sunday I am off of work. Then we went over to our friend Brian's new place to check it out and meet his wife. Nice pad... After that caught some of the late game, got dinner, and then got my ass kicked on the PS2 Madden 2001. Lastly we watched Ed and then now here I am at home. I think I am going to crash early. I have to remember to pick up a USA Today the next two days so I can see what the candidates views are on things. I don't vote on party, I vote on the one that fits my views the most. Although that normally points more conservative then Liberal. I'm a prude!

Well I am off to sleep, I need to give my friend Michelle a call.

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