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We're Number 1!

Wow I was pretty happy to see this in "The Best and Worst" Cover Story of the August issue of PC Magazine.

Road Runner was the highest ranked IP by the readers of the magazine!

The only complaint by the readers was the price! What?!?! How can you bitch and complain about the price of a broadband service that is $40 bucks!? Let's get this straight here, you don't need a second phone line ($20-30 bucks) and we are your ISP ($10-20 bucks). Where is the problem with the price? These idiots always want more more for less less. The bitch and moan when they don't get there average speed of 1.5 Mb down and 384 Kb up throughout the day. They don't understand that we aren't the only determining factor of their speed. Not to mention we get the AOL'ized people that think AOL is the Internet and they know everything. I'm sorry the Internet is what you make of it, not what some company gives to you on a silver platter (that is a resource hog).

I had this one lady a couple weeks ago bitching and moaning that her e-mail doesn't work and that she never had problems with her e-mail on AOL. Well the idiot that supposedly had a masters degree (in what I don't know), and also taught computers (and uses AOL?!?!) had transferred all her addresses from her AOL account to Outlook Express by hand. Well let's just say she didn't realize that she needed to add @AOL.COM to the end of the addresses that were people from AOL. I basically argued on the phone with her for 20 mins trying to get her to verify the e-mail addresses and then she is yelling at me that it worked on AOL. NO SHIT! AOL has a stupid proprietary e-mail system where if they are an AOL user then you don't need the @AOL.COM. I finally get this drilled in her head and she says well how about this one... She points out an address that she writes to and gets an error message generated by AOL that the user is not accepting mail. I explain to her it sounds like the person has Internet mail blocked and that she needs to contact that person about it. She completely blows me off even after I make her read the message and ask her what she thinks it means. THEN! We get to a message she received back from a non AOL e-mail account, the message was a standard "No Such User" message from the server that she sent the mail to. She reads off what the address is supposed to be and of course she has an "O" instead of a "0" and she says well how did that happen I typed it in wrong. I reply, 'Well evidentially you didn't'. She then continues on that she hand wrote these addresses out instead of imported them to make sure they were right.... Hrm now wouldn't it make much more sense to import the already correct addresses then hand write and type in everything again?!?! Less room for error. Of course in her think skull she couldn't understand. I finally got her off the phone after making her look like an idiot for complaining to us and blaming us for her not knowing how to use e-mail.

Oh man I could go on about this forever. WINSOCK issues, FIREWALLS, ROUTERS, ICS. These people never learn. And of course they always say, "Well it's been working for months!"
"Well sir, I'm sure the tires on your car have been working for months too, but that doesn't mean if you get a nail in them they will continue to work..."

Car analogies are great for explaining any issue on a computer...

We had a guy a couple days ago that was running Windows 2000 Server (first off an unsupported operating system) that got an e-mail from our company notifying customers about the Code Red worm. Well to be on the safe side it was stated that all customers running Windows 2000 and NT should go to the Microsoft security page and follow the directions to patch the possible security issue on their computer. This guys does what the Microsoft site tells him and his computer won't boot. He takes his computer to a computer shop to have it fixed and then he calls us and says it's our fault and he wants reimbursement!
Another great time for a car analogy. "Sir, let's say you have a car and you take it to a gas station and the attendant lets you know that your oil is low, he suggests you get it changed. You being of free mind and state take said car to a fine oil changing establishment and get the oil changed. But afterwards your car won't start, so you have the car towed to a repair shop and they fix it, would you go back to the gas station and ask for them to pay your car repair bill?" THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!

Ok enough venting... I actually like my job a lot. I hear some rumors of big changes soon. Personally I am not looking forward to them, I feel like I'm taking a step back. But we will see what happens.

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