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Current events in my life...

Yes Yes I know... I never post in my journal. Work has really just been to hectic to take time out and post in my journal. The past 2 or 3 weeks my department has hired 5 new Level 3 Help Desk techs, and basically I have not had any time to myself at work since. I seem to be doing a majority of the training on the harder to train people, sometimes I consider it punishment, but I know in all honesty it's because my boss Norm trusts my ability. So even though it sometimes can be overwhelming I still enjoy it. I've been sick the past couple days. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said it was just a cold. I'm feeling better today.

Two weekends ago when fresh25, Dave, Steve and I went to Off Campus Pub, I actually walked up to 2 girls and asked them if they would like to dance with my bud fresh25 and I and they said yes. So we danced for about 20-30 mins. The girl I danced with was cute, but unfortunately when they had to go and I asked her for her number she told me she kinda had a b/f. Oh well... her loss.

Last weekend I had birthday parties for my Grandmother on my mom's side, and also for my grandfather on my dad's side, both of them just turned 80 years old!

My buddy Paul got a girlfriend, this girl he met at Off Campus Pub. It's good that he has found someone, just sucks that he's to busy for the guys.

I'm not sure what is happening with my current dating situation. I'm not dating anyone, I don't have anyone in mind currently, but I am talking to this one girl that seems pretty cool. We haven't really talked much, plus she lives far away (more then an hour). I haven't met her yet, she saw my web site and thought I sounded interesting... so I don't know. I'm VERY hesitant to even attempt to date anyone with a child. Because of previous experiences. Not that I am considering dating her since we haven't even met. But I'm probably saying to much she also has a LJ account. But this is my journal I use to get things on my chest and I don't like to censor myself.

My friend dipster might be getting a condo! That means I might be moving out soon! To bad that place is about 1500 feet from Time Warner Cable's service area (since that is who I work for!). No free Road Runner and digital cable for us... That really sucks.

I'm almost completed with the network that I am putting together at the Boys and Girls Club. I am putting together their entire computer network and new computer center. Doing it all for free, plus I'm hopefully getting a $500.00 grant from work to use for the equipment that they have purchased. I am going to be their system and network administrator and possibly I may join their board of directors as their technology advisor. I hope to finish everything up on Friday, had some issues with the wireless router that was purchased, unfortunately it will not work in their building so I have to run network cable in their raised ceiling.

Other then what I posted not much else is happening. I'm lonely, but that isn't anything new. I'm willing to wait for what I am looking for, I know it's out there.

Oh yeah that girl I met a couple weeks ago never called me back after two attempts... Oh well, fuck her... if she didn't want to talk to me she could have just not given me her number or gave me a fake one.

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