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Hello... and welcome to my life!

Well I have to say tonight was one of the best nights I have had recently. fresh25 and I went to The Off Campus Pub, just like we did last night. Another band was playing, and once again another high school reunion was happening. But there were still a lot of people our age. Doug and I took are normal place at the pool table and starting playing some pool. Doug went and walked around a couple times and these two girls that were sitting by themselves caught his eye. After an hour or so of the girls just sitting around Doug went ahead and asked one of them (the other went to the bathroom) if they would like to shoot some pool. She told him she had to wait till the other girl got back and ask her. About 15 mins later, (while Doug was gone wandering around and me playing pool with this other guy) the girls come over and start watching me play. In the back of my mind I'm thinking were the heck are you Doug, here are these girls and you aren't here. They walk up to me and say that they were over there because my friend asked if they wanted to play pool. I tell them I know he asked them, but I'm not sure where he is, so I start up a little conversation and get their names, tell them mine, and also Doug's. There names were Shannon and Dusty and they are sisters. Doug finally comes back and sees that the girls came over (we had figured they weren't going to, since it had been like 15 mins). I beat the guy I am playing so Doug and I play the girls. We get to talking and come to find out that Shannon is 27 and lives in Arizona, while Dusty is 22 and lives in Brea. We played 3 games, and during the second game I ask Dusty, (since we figured out with the ring on Shannon's finger she's taken) if she would like to dance after the game. She says yes depending on what's playing, because she sucks at dancing, I tell her don't worry because I suck at dancing too and I don't dance. Then I joke around with her that she should look at it as a privilege that I'm am asking because I never ask girls to dance. After the second game the band starts playing again so she decides she doesn't want to and we play the third game. After the third game we talked for a little bit and I asked Dusty is she wanted to get that dancing in, she says no, since they had to go because as she had mentioned earlier Shannon had to drive home in the morning. So when we are saying bye and shaking hands, I say to Dusty, "You know I would ask you for your number but I'm not sure if you would give it to me, we could like do something sometime..." She said, "Ok" And I was like... (wow). So her sister dug up a piece of paper and a pen and we exchanged numbers. I'm still in shock that I actually didn't pass up my chance to ask. Now I'm not sure if she gave me a real number but at least I can look at this and say I did everything I could.

I figure I will call her in a couple days, which means probably on Tuesday night. Wish me luck, I have never picked up on a girl before in my life when I have been out...

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