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I have a question for everyone...

Let's say you have a really good friend. Granted you have only known the person for 2 years but you consider them one of your best friends (disregard the fact that you dated the person, because that is now in the past). Now this friend considers you also one of their best friends and was able to finally open up with someone with the first time of their life. The friend gets bad news that another one of their best friends is very sick, but at the same time this friend (is very rich and has decided to give your friend an inheritance that will set them for life, plus some house in your local area). Your friend thinks it would be a great idea to repay you for the wonderful friendship you have by giving you a house (plus furnishings) no questions asked. Not asking for anything in return and not expecting anything in return.
What would you do?

Would you accept the house? Would you turn down your friend? Would you feel you owed them something even if you have talked about it time and time again explaining that you would owe them, although they said not to feel that way?

Would you consider this a moral or values decision?

Would accepting the offer mean you are swallowing your pride?

Does accepting a gift like this really mean you are having everything you handed to you and never earned anything you ever received (even though you have worked hard paying for everything throughout your life...)?

Please tell me your opinions and views on this because I'm looking for feedback on a possible situation in my life...

Thank you...

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