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Todays Lunch

The manager of the commercial sales department for Road Runner took me to lunch at Olive Garden today because I set his computer up last week. This guy has a brand new red Honda S2000. That car is sweet! He knows I like it and when I mentioned we get to go in his cool car he asked me if I wanted to drive. I really did want to but I declined. But he showed me this magazine that has a done up one, which is like the way he wants to do his. It's a really nice car. Can you believe it is an Inline 4 cylinder and it has 240 horsepower!? Heck my card only has like 130. And it has no turbo or supercharger. Honda just knows how to make engines.

We had a really good conversation at lunch. We talked shop and talked about ourselves. He wanted to know what my thoughts were on the commercial sales department. I gave him some tips and suggestions that I thought up. We talked about the sales positions and he was telling me about how much the sales reps make. It got me to think... (maybe I would like to do that), but money isn't my only object. I could probably make 65k a year doing sales. 35k salary and then 2% commission on my sales of 3 year Road Runner commercial contracts. Something to think about, although I really like being a tech I'm not really a sales guy.

All in all it was a very productive lunch I got to know him and he got to know me. He's a cool guy. I think I might see if there is a way I could do some commercial sales stuff on the side... If the company would allow it...

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