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Gee today seemed so long... All I did today was watch football at my friend Doug's. Doug, Brian, and I sat around his place and watched football, bagged on each other, and checked for stuff to buy on e-bay... And you know what? I am more tired then I would be if I had actually done something productive! I just talked with my friend Rebecca, hadn't talked with her on the phone for months. It was good to catch her at home. Now all I am doing is waiting to see if I get a call back from my friend Dolly, I haven't spoke with her for over 1 1/2 years. I left a message with whoever answered the phone. Not much else going on... I'm chatting with this one girl right now, talking about going out and doing something not sure what yet... Any suggestions? It would be our first time hanging out. I have 60 hours of work the next 7 days, one of the things I hate about working a swing shift and working 10 hour days! but I will live through it. Going out to see "Remember the Titans" on Thursday, I have heard it is a great movie. I saw "Almost Famous" last week, that is the 2nd best movie I have seen this year, with "Gladiator" being one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. "Almost Famous" is a movie I will be buying once it comes out on DVD. Talking about DVD, I am getting my Playstation 2 in early November, and the first movie I will buy on DVD will be "Swingers". I can't wait!

Well that is it for now... Seeya!

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