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Story Time For Dan...

Ok, I have heard all your wonderful clothing shopping stories, now it's time for you to hear about how great it is to clothes shop for me...

I must be one of the most difficult people to find stuff to fit for. I'm a big guy but I'm only average height (5'11" 260 lbs.). I wouldn't really consider myself fat. But I am overweight. One of the problems i run into is that I have muscular legs from years of bike riding and pretending to skateboard when I was a kid. Because of this I normally can't wear regular jeans I usually have to get baggy jeans so they fit my seat and legs. I wear a 42*30 in jeans and for some reason those tend to be the size that everyone is out of. The other problem I run into is that most places only stock up to 40! Now I shop at normal stores, i.e.: Millers Outpost, Target, Mervnys, Old Navy. Plus I also check out Burlington Coat Factory. Now Millers normally has 42s but I think for some weird reason when they first get their shipment of stuff some buys them all up and then they never have them again. Target has 42s but tends to only have them in the stuff that I don't like. Mervnys (screw them they stopped carrying anything over 40s about a year ago. Old Navy (I actually wear 40s there. I even bought two pairs of really nice polyester pants at Nordstroms, they were $65 each, but I like them so they were worth it.

Shirts are another wonderful story... I wear XXL shirts which for some weird reason can be anywhere from L-XXL for clothing companies. I can wear most XXL shirts but some are way to long! And some seem to think that guys that wear XXL still have perfect stomachs! Lately I have been getting my shirts are Millers and Target. I also found some nice shirts from a company called Dragonfly that are XXL and are nice for going out on the town. The only problem with them is they are like $45 and also are supposed to be dry cleaned because they are a real nice polyester.

Let me tell you about what happen today when I went clothes shopping. I left to shop at 10:30 went over to Target to see if they have any shorts I like. After about 10-15 mins of looking around and having to check the tags on the shorts I like because the hangers are wrong I end up leaving because everything sucks there. So I go to lunch and then send my bad hard drive out and then head over to the Anaheim Plaza to check out the Millers, Old Navy, and Mervyns. I get over to Millers Outpost and search around and look at shorts (I want nice nylon/cotton shorts, I don't need any more jean shorts). After about 15 mins of search I determine that the store sucks because not only do I not find 42s but I can't even find 40s to wish I might fit in. I did however find some 42*30 Levi 501s and these nice nylon/cotton Silvertab pants that were 40*30s which I liked and tried on. They actually fit fine but were just a little to tight for me to feel comfortable in. I thought the 501s looked good but I'm not used to jeans that fit like that I need more room on my legs. So I end up leaving and head over to Old Navy... My god that was a waste of time... WHAT MEN WEAR pastels! I mean come on! Give me nice solid bold colors not these fruity looking things! I honestly wonder if men ever shop there. I have bought some nice shirts in the past but that was in the winter time, now all their mens clothing are crap! They did have these nice swim trunks/board shorts, but they were XL and I didn't feel like wasting my time humoring myself that they would fit. Not to mention when am I going to go swim!? I then head over to Mervyns only to end up asking myself why don't they have a sign out in the front saying if you need someone larger then 40 or XL please do not enter.

Oh one more thing about Millers Outpost... WHY THE HELL do they put the shorts on the racks with the tags on the opposite side of you! Shouldn't the tags be on the outside so you can easily see what size the stupid things are?!?!?! Common sense points to that the people that put things on the racks are complete and udder morons! Let me get this straight you are a clothing store, the object is to sell many pieces of clothes and provide the best customer experience... Then why make the customer have to deal with crap like that! I mean it's hard enough to check the sizes of shirts and shorts when you have 50 pieces of clothing on a rack that is only designed to hold about 25-30 pieces. Plus the prices tags which show the prices are always on the inside of the shirt so you have to dig inside to find out the size and the price.

Ok so I left Anaheim Plaza and went over to The Block in Orange to check out the Anchor Blue store (same as Millers Outpost, they are changing all their names to this). I end up looking around and shorts and still am unable to find 42s. How come they always have the sizes I need when I don't have the money to spend but when I am willing to waste lots of money they have nothing to buy!? I end up finding a shirt I like and since I couldn't find any shorts I buy that and since they sucker you in with their buy 1 item get a second for 50% sale, I bought a blue button down shirt and a white t-shirt with dark blue trim. I leave The Block and head over to Burlington Coat Factory in Huntington Beach. I wanted to see if they might have some shorts. I didn't find any, but since I have been wanting to and since they had a nice selection I bought a bunch of clothes to work out in. Got myself two pairs of polyester/cotton shorts one black (Adidas) and one dark grey (champion), then I got 4 champion t-shirts to wear when I am running around and playing basketball or doing some other form of exercise. I also picked up this 8 dollar grey hat with black lettering that says champion on it. I figured it would be good to wear when I am doing whatever or after playing basketball since it was cheap it won't matter if it gets sweaty, plus it's nylon so it should wash easily. Also since I recently noticed that boxers and boxer briefs are the most comfortable things to wear when running around getting exercise I bought myself some regular tighty whities! This after I finally made the transition from wearing only briefs and then switching strictly to boxers and boxers briefs about a year ago. That's it! That was my day...

Total damage was just under 150 bucks. 6 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 hat, and 2 3-packs of briefs.

Total length of time 4 hours!

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