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Okay I answered some personals on the internet and I had emailed a couple girls back and forth about 3 or 4 times. And this is what ends up happenig with two of them...

CAJUAND (11:25:38 PM): So how many other people are you talking to on the net?
dangarion (11:25:43 PM): right now?
dangarion (11:25:45 PM): just you :-)
CAJUAND (11:25:53 PM): No, overall?
dangarion (11:26:19 PM): um... well there were a couple but they seemed to have stop
dangarion (11:26:27 PM): only like 1 or 2 now
dangarion (11:26:56 PM): and you?
CAJUAND (11:27:17 PM): Really, well guess what my friend and I discovered that both of us were talking to you
dangarion (11:27:30 PM): oh?
dangarion (11:27:42 PM): there is that 1 or 2 then
dangarion (11:27:54 PM): who is your friend?
CAJUAND (11:27:54 PM): and that you gave you number to both of us:-(
CAJUAND (11:28:32 PM): Well, figure it out the only other person, you gave you number to
dangarion (11:28:34 PM): yes I did give my number to 1 other person
CAJUAND (11:29:09 PM): So we both decided that we are not going to compete for the same guy
dangarion (11:29:22 PM): oh
CAJUAND (11:29:36 PM): I mean our friendship is not worth losing
dangarion (11:29:42 PM): I agree
dangarion (11:29:57 PM): I wouldn't ever do that to my best friend
dangarion (11:30:11 PM): does that mean you both aren't going to talk to me then?
CAJUAND (11:30:17 PM): So, its been nice talking to you and I hope you meet that special person
dangarion (11:30:29 PM): yeah I hoep I do too...
CAJUAND (11:30:41 PM): Take care ...Bye!
dangarion (11:30:46 PM): bye

What the heck! Ok now it's not like I'm asking these girls to date me. We were merely chatting via e-mail. I mean come on if they didn't want a guy to answer both of their adds they should not have put up adds at the same time! This just pisses me off. Both of them sounded nice and now I am not going to talk to either of them... What a crock!

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