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Out on the town...

Doug, Paul and I went out bar hopping tonight. In fact I just got home about 5 mins ago. I'm still a little buzzed and having a little difficult time typing. I'm had fun though. First we went to MVP and it sucked because they were trying to be a club or something, so we left. Then we went to Huntington Beach (Main Street) didn't see anywhere we wanted to go, so we headed to Newport Beach. We drove around for a little while and went to Pierce Street Annex which was packed outside so we ended up over at the Triangle Square Shopping center to go to the Yardhouse. No sooner then we got in the Yardhouse (and I finished my Newcastle) that we left and went to the Goat Hill Tavern across the street. So we ended up hanging out there for awhile and I had myself a Boonts Amber Ale and a then a Lemon Lager. They have 141 Beers on tap (talk about a lot!). After about an hour we ended up going home. Which is where I am now...

That's it... Just wanted to write... Seeya!

I got a new kick ass icon! Guess what it's from!

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