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Date: 2001-05-30 17:20
Subject: Hello
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I haven't posted much lately. But there really isn't a whole lot going on right now in my life. I pretty much wake up go to work go home and relax and then start that whole process back each day. The only days that are different are my weekends which I spend time with my friends. Talking about my friends, one of my best friends rhapsody is going to be moving to New York at the end of the year. She has a lot of things happening and going on before then. I'm going miss her once she leaves, but I know we will keep in touch. Other then that things are going good. This weekend I saw Pearl Harbor, it's worth seeing once but other then the visual effects it's not anything special. It couple have been so much better. On Monday I played basketball with my friends. That was really fun, although I paid for it yesterday when my back was sore.

My family is going good. My mom is the executive director of the local Boys and Girls Club, I have volunteered to design and implement their entire new computer network from the ground up. I really look at it as a challenge and an honor that my mom has put her trust in me to do this for them. I as am really looking forward to doing it, so my mom realizes how much I enjoy what I do. I most likely will be putting together everything in mid June.
My dad got a new job after getting laid off of Montgomery Wards, he now is working for the Yorba Linda School District as a janitor. He seems to like it, although he says it is really physically demanding. My dad isn't a quitter (that is where I learned my persistence from) so he is toughing it out. He works till like 10 at night so he is doing a lot of stuff around the house during the day.
I haven't talked with my sister or brother in law the past couple weeks. I guess I should give them a call.

On Friday we went to ESPN Zone and I ran into a girl I had a crush on all through junior and high school. Tori. She was still looking as pretty as ever and she has turned into a very respectable woman. I got her phone number and I'm supposed to call her sometime and maybe go do something. =)

On Sunday I went with dipster and icelily5 to the ACP Computer swap meet. We walked around for a couple hours and bought parts for a new computer IceLily5 was building. I had fun, I think she spent about 800 bucks and put together a near cutting edge computer. Pretty amazing how inexpensive things are getting on the computer hardware side.

I've been feeling really lonely together and haven't really wanted to do much. I get like this every so often and just feel real moody. Couple days and I will be in a better mood...
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User: fresh25
Date: 2001-05-30 21:29 (UTC)
Subject: Yeah............
I think it's contagious. I've been feeling pretty lonely too..............I was doing prety damn good too.

And you're right.........for the most part, Tori IS still looking pretty damn good.........
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