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lalalalalalala - DanGarion =dot= com
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Date: 2000-10-21 17:00
Subject: lalalalalalala
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I love music so I am going list a cd I have everyday I remember to...

your music today is....
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Pale

it's a great CD and it has wonderfully depressing songs that make this one of my favorite all time CDs. This is also my favorite CD from Toad The Wet Sprocket. I personally suggest the following songs...

1. Torn
2. Come Back Down
3. Don't Go Away
4. High on a Riverbed
7. Jam
10. Nothing is Alone
11. She Cried

Go buy it and enjoy it and get all depressed =)
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User: offy
Date: 2000-10-21 17:22 (UTC)
Subject: Toad?
Who are these Toad people of which you speak? ;)

It's a toss up between this CD and Dulcinea (sp?)as my favorite Toad CDs, depends on my mood. When I'm in the mood for Windmills and Begin, it's Dulcinea and when I want to hear Don't Go Away and High on a Riverbed then I'll listen to Pale. I find that a lot of the Pale songs were incredible live whereas the Dulcinea songs weren't as good live. *shrug*
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