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Hi, my name is Daniel. Glad to meet you all.
Um... like I haven't posted that much lately. Just quick things here and there. Things are going all right in my life. Still missing the one thing ( someone to be there for me ). It seems like I talk about this more often then anything else on this journal. But in all honesty, this is the one and only thing I feel that is missing in my life. I have great friends, family, and a job I enjoy. I have a car, I need to get my own place, but I am working on that. The one thing I long for and am missing is someone special to share everything with. I know I will find her, it's just been so long since I have honestly felt I was close to someone in that way. I have so much to give to someone. Sometimes I feel it's my own fault that I am still single. I tend to be picky when it comes to my attraction to women. But I feel I deserve to be picky since I am looking for someone to settle down with and spend the rest of my life with. I'm not looking to just have fun... Dating isn't fun... Lack of emotion in dating isn't fun. I want someone that will give me their everything and I will do the same in return. I want someone that will sweep me off my feet and make me feel like I never have before and I want to do the same for them. I want to be someone's everything. Someone that I can share everything with...

Yeah yeah yeah... I know you all get the picture. It seems like I write something like this on here once every month. It's just been a long time since I have had anything close to what I long so much for. I look at people and see the things they do when they have what I long so much for, and ruin everything they have. It really puzzles me how people can be so selfish to hurt people that care about them so much. Or when they have what I long for staring them in the face and decide to pass on it. I honestly feel that anyone that can truly say they are happy alone and wish to remain single are lying to themselves and the ones they say this too. Yes after a long relationship, I can understand and respect a length of time where you choose to remain single and alone to cope and also to have your own private time to work out what happen. But there does come a time when a person truly longs for companionship.

For those people that have something great right there in front of them, don't pass it up, I wish I was only as lucky...

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