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Here is the result of your LiveJournal Purity Test.

Live Journal User roshi has created a Live Journal Purity Test!

My results follow.
You answered "yes" to 36 of 100 questions, making you 64.0% lj pure (36.0% lj corrupt); that is, you are 64.0% pure in the lj domain (you have 36.0% LiveJournal Freak in you).

What does your % purity mean?
I have received several complaints that the purity test program does not appear to be calculating purity correctly. These come from users who expect that answering yes to more questions will result in a higher purity. This is a result of confusion about the meaning of the term purity. As applied to the results of a purity test, your purity is proportional to how many things in the domain of the test you have not done. The more you have done, the less pure (and more corrupt) you are in the test's domain. In other words, the foo test tells you how pure/uncorrupt you are in the domain of fooity, not how purely foo you are. If the nerd test tells you you're 99% nerd pure, it does not mean you're 99% pure nerd (ack!)

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