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Date: 2001-05-13 22:53
Subject: I can't wait till the first full Arthur Album comes out!
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Music:Thought a Lot - Arthur
Arthur is a band comprised of the members of MxPx and one of their roadies. They sound a bit like MxPx but a slower and you can see that Mike (the lead singer) has used his influences from Elvis Costello and oldies with the music. The lyrics are great, I purchased their first album but it only has 6 songs on it. Their first full album should be out late this year... After MxPx's next album (which is supposed to be in a couple months.

Thought A lot

I I've thought a lot about you
About what you mean to me
And where I'll be
A couple of years from now
I think I got my head straight
And now I know for sure
I want to know you more
I, am so happy yet so sad
Cause I miss you oh so bad
I'm staring at your photograph
Ya the one you'd like to cut/tear in half
Of all my thoughts I've thought about you
Of all the things I said were true
Well I need you
I've tried I've failed
I've made mistakes
But I know I've got what it takes
To see this through
Be good to you
I know I've got what it takes
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