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I decided to get an account with Netflix. 19.95 a month for unlimited DvD Rentals! Talk about a deal, I can get a couple a week and watch them and then send them back (all included in the cost). Then get my next ones just a couple days later. You can have total of 4 movies out at a time. I have picked Raging Bull, 12 Monkeys, Blade Runner, and The Shawshank Redemption to be the first ones to watch. That will probably be quite a bit to digest, since they are all good and intense movies.

Other then that I was talking to my friend Dip today and he says he is going to be looking to getting a 2 bedroom condo and that he wants to rent out his second room to ME! Now that would totally kick ass! Can't wait to see if this pulls through, I guess he is going to start looking in June/July. He wants to get a place within my companies area so we also get free cable. Yeah!


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