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Weekly Cool Links #17 - Windows 7 Edition

Two Weeks in a Row! Two Weeks in a Row! Ok, now that Im done with that. USC beat Notre Dame last week, it was nail biter of a game al the way through, but the better team ended up with the victory. On Sunday, Kelly and I went up to Oak Glen (near Yucaipa) to do our annual apple picking. Unfortunately all the u-pick farms were closed due to a hail storm that knocked off the blossoms. So we ended up getting some pumpkins and also some apple cider and headed to Victoria Gardens instead. Tomorrow we are having a Windows 7 Launch Party! Should be fun reason to get together for no real reason, other that to watch the USC game. Im going to cook bangers on the grill and we even have some door prizes for those that bring the digital cameras with them. Lastly I put a job bid in for a System Engineer position here at work. We will see what happens, Im not looking to leave my department, but Id like to get back to a more technical role if the price is right. Lastly, I really want to go make some beer at Brew Bakers, maybe someone could get me a gift certificate to do that

Now, on to the links!

TV Stuff
If you have ever wanted to know more about the themes that make TV writing then I highly suggest to take a couple hours to browse and read around TV Tropes. Its especially a great read for anyone thats ever wanted to learn the tricks of the trade for writing anything from Comics to TV.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, what's the difference?

Music Stuff
Looking for music like the music you like? Check out Musicovery, a music discovery service. Doing a search for Jimmy Eat World on there actually links me to a number of other bands Ive also enjoyed throughout the years. Pretty impressive.

Here is a funny music video

Chicks Man
If you are interested in attractive philologists, check out Hot for Words. Shes not really my type, but hey I know there are a lot of you out there that like big boobed blondes.

Check out these chicks melting ice.

Food Stuff
Lifehacker had an article this week on 10 Simple Freeze Tricks to Save You Time and Money. Info and links about what can be frozen (Broccoli yes, Onions No) to how to make your freeze more efficient. Its a good starting place for many people.

Windows 7 Stuff (Tech Stuff)
So yesterday Windows 7 was released. Ive already been using it for 3 weeks and think its pretty great, especially the 64bit version because nothing beats using 8 gigs of RAM on a computer (except 16 gigs). A number of websites had guides for Windows 7, but Lifehackers Complete Guide to Windows 7 is the most comprehensive, plus it links to lots of other great starting points to learn more. If you are looking for a more historical look at Windows, you have to check out Maximum PCs 50 Best (and Worst) Moments in Windows History.

Funny Stuff
Check out Lifes pictorial on 30 Dumb Inventions, how about those screaming tomatoes, and to think people follow that crackpots religion. I only read Maxim magazine for the articles, thats why Im sharing the 10 People in Every Office article they recently posted. Lastly check out Stuff White People Life and Photobomb for some more funnies.

Oh no the Pixar lamp killed the letter I!

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