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Weekly Cool Links #15 - Protecting Marriage by Banning Divorce?

Well another two weeks have passed by and it's once again time for my weekly cool links! But first what's happening in my life. Last Saturday I had some friends come over and we watched the UCLA, Notre Dame, and USC games, let's just say when the day was done and USC ended up beating Ohio State my day was complete. Besides that, I went to the dentist for the first time in over 10 years (a number of different reasons why I didn't go for so long) and fortunately for me I didn't have any major issues with my teeth, but I did have to come in a second time for extra cleaning. We sent to the Orange International Street Fair on the Sunday before Labor Day, I have pictures from our fun, and hopefully I'll get those posted soon. We are planning a trip to Ireland next year, probably some time around May, and should be purchasing our tickets any day now. That's about it here, so now on to the links.

Politics / Funny
2010 CA Protection of Marriage Act, someone has decided to take protecting marriage one step further by trying to get a bill on the ballot to ban marriage. Sure it's to poke at the Prop 8 people, but honestly, divorce ruins marriage and hurts more children then any gay marriage ever would.

Cool Stuff
Comparisons of Inaugural Addresses, this is a pretty cool diagram of every presidential inauguration speech that compares the words used against all the other presidential inauguration speeches.
Handwriting Tips Penmanship -, I've always been fascinated with handwriting and really liked this article about how the human mind sees it, and the best forms of handwriting to use so people can understand it. I'm glad the writing I use is already considered the most efficient.
Online Dating Advice: Exactly What To Say In A First Message OkTrends, for all my single friends out there, looking to score online, this is a must read. They analyzed a number of 1st messages sent on a dating site and found the words to use or not use to get the most responses back.
Swingvine shows you what's popular on the web, right now.

Tech / Funny
Penn & Teller, this iPhone application will trick your friends into thinking you have Penn & Teller on your speed dial to help you do magic tricks.

Funny Stuff
Hot Chicks Picking Up Dog Shit
, Taking hot chicks with douchebags another direction. Also don't forget to check out their sister site, Hot Chicks with Dogs with Boners... Sadly I'm not kidding.
Probably Bad News: News fails, because journalism isn't dying fast enough.
, I've been criticized for my writing abilities, but these guys get paid to write...
What Stormtroopers do on Their Day Off |
, Who hasn't wondered what they do?

Food Stuff
Food In Real Life, Great site that compares what's on the box, to what's in it.


Amazing San Francisco Blue Angels Flybys!

Maxim Magazines Campus Cuties 2009.

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