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Weekly Cool Links #14 - 1537 out of 1,000,000!

So the big news this weekend is the Orange International Street Fair! I may be going there tonight with one of my brother in laws and a friend and then we will also be going Sunday afternoon like we have traditionally the last 4 years! Really looking forward to the food and beer and fun of just having a good time. Besides that not much happening, I accidentally left the freezer open 3 inches yesterday when I left for work, so I had to throw out all the food in the freezer! It has been extremely hot at our house, usually 90+ degrees inside till nearly 9PM, we are still trying to figure out ways to cool our place down with just fans, it's frustrating because it's cooler outside but we can't get the cooler air inside even with three fans throughout the house. So that's it for this week, now on to an abbreviated labor day weekend edition of Weekly Cool Links...!

First off with the start of the NCAA College Football Season I have to kick off my links with this awesome video.

USC opens their quest for the Division 1 championship on Saturday at 12:30 PM (pacific). Talking about college football anyone that loves college football should really check out my friend Brian's website, In the Bleachers, the #1 College Football blog and podcast in the world!


[caption id="attachment_795" align="alignright" width="112" caption="Tactical Bacon, there for you when you need it!"]Tactical Bacon, there for you when you need it![/caption]

I already know how to cook a whole chicken, but I've never cooked a whole one in a slow cooker, it's a great way to get it done with minimal effort. I'd also suggest checking out the main $5 dinner site, she does a great job sharing the wealth on the ways she's able to make good cheap family diners. Bacon is the coolest thing on the internet since sliced bread, and now you can make sure you are able to enjoy the salty smokey goodness of bacon during the next natural disaster with Tactical Bacon! (thanks to my friend Dippy for the link). And while you are eating your bacon, why don't you learn how to cook up a bunch of hard boiled eggs in the oven... Wait are those oven cooked eggs?!

According to Carnegie Mellon's Death Risk Rankings, the chances of a age 30-39, white, male, from California dying in the next year is 1,537 out of 1,000,000 (wait I fit that description!). In addition here at the top 5 and the number out of 1,000,000.

Cause of Death - MicroMort
Total - 1,537
Accidents - 408
Circulatory system diseases - 187
Suicide - 173
Cancers - 143
Infectious and parasitic diseases - 141
Homicide - 101

Geeky Stuff

[caption id="attachment_796" align="alignleft" width="63" caption="Time Travel!"]Time Travel![/caption]

I love this travel time-line that someone put together based on popular TV shows and movies (I've included to the left for those too lazy to visit the site.) If you've ever wanted to check if your favorite user name is available at 130 websites all at one time, then namechk is the site to go. Warning it could be used for both good and evil! Good in the fact that you can find 130 websites to register your user name at, bad for the fact that you can find 130 websites to register someone elses user name at so they can't!

Funny Stuff
Kelly and I are thinking about having a child... Actually no we aren't but what better way to bullshit your way out of work and responsibilities than the Office Kid, complete with pictures and drawings! If having a fake kid isn't your idea of funny then check out the People of Walmart a place to see pictures of those interesting individuals that shop the crappiest store on earth.

Tech Stuff
Just an FYI for those that keep sending me MMS messages to my iPhone, Sept. 25th is the big day that I will actually be able to see them from my phone! About damn time AT&T!

And lastly I leave with you a couple more videos.

Pretty cool Old Spice commercial (I really enjoy their advertising and commercials)

College Humors modern take on West Side Story with Web Site Story! I highly recommend checking it out! You got to go to their site I can't embed it.

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