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2009 2nd Half Movie Picks

Ok this isnt going to be an all encompassing list of movies, just those that I reviewed trailers of and where I think they stand. Most of this list will include movies that will be released sometime during the second half of 2009 but some may be from 2010.

District 9
, Sci-fi alien invasion flick!
, Apocalypse everyone going to die flick!
The Goods: Live Hard * Sell Hard
, Ari Gold selling cars flick!
Fantastic Mr. Fox
, putting this here because its a Wes Anderson movie, although Im not sold completely on it yet.
Inglourius Basterds
, Have a feeling there is going to be a lot of blood in this one, but looks good.
The Lovely Bones
, not my typical movie, but Peter Jackson and interesting take on a story equals something I want to try and catch.
, Mike Judge is an untapped talent in the movie business, Office Space and Idiocracy are gems.
Big Fan
, Patton Oswalt is taking this serious acting thing pretty seriously.
The Invention of Lying, Cant be any worse then Funny people, so thats make its good enough to see.
Where the Wild Things Are
, I feel a little pathetic putting this here, Im not obsessed with the book like some seem to be, but the trailers look promising.
Alice in Wonderland
Sherlock Holmes
, Its the feel good hit of Christmas Sorry the action packed blockbuster of Christmas!
Whip It
, Ellen Page learning to be a roller derby girl, in Drew Barrymores directorial debut. Ok!
How To Be a Serial Killer
, Interesting looking indie.
, OMG, its the Sims in real life!
, Looks like it could be fun. Everyone wants to kill zombies!
Couples Retreat
, it has too many people I like to say no. But it will probably suck.
Youth in Revolt
, Havent seen a trailer but lots of people I like in it.
, its the disaster flick of the season!
, Dont really know anything about the story, but the technological advancement of film being done by James Cameron for this is reason enough.

The Time Travelers Wife
, Hey its sort of like a movie version of Journeyman.
Gentlemen Broncos
, Looks like it could be interesting, as long as is doesnt suck donkey ass like Napoleon Dynamite did
All About Steve
, Its a Kelly movie, but I like some of the actors, worth giving a try.
A Serious Man
, um Im not sure Its a Coen Bros. movie though.
Tron Legacy
, I cant even remember the original. Im on the fence for now. Go ahead take away my geek card, although I think Tron falls under the nerd card
The Damn United
, Hey, hey, its a REAL football movie, not that sissy stuff we play in the states. Looks entertaining, and I like sports stories.
Worlds Greatest Dad
, Looks like it could be an entertaining black comedy, even with Robin Williams
An Education
, Chick flick, partially wrote by the guy that wrote High Fidelity Worth a shot, but will probably catch on TV, unless Kelly wants to see it in the theater.

, Sorry Ashton I dont need to watch your life story
Jennifers Body
, Even hot chicks (although Im not a big Megan Fox fan) cant get me interesting in horror flicks.
Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakquel
, No.
Halloween II
, Really? They are doing it again, again?? Only thing that makes it remotely of interest is Rob Zombie is doing it
, Uh come on.

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