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Weekly Cool Links #10 - 07.10.09 - Rowlf the Dog

Kelly and Rowlf under the tree So Ive been away for two weeks Id ask if you missed me, but no one reads this anyway (just kidding). We had a party at our house for the 4th of July and had a ton of fun. I hope everyone that attended had a good time. It was cool seeing so many people and showing them our house. Cant wait for the next one! Well except for all the work getting ready for it. We got a dog on Monday! His name was Buster, but since we already had a Buster the Cat, his name is now officially Rowlf, as in Rowlf the Dog from The Muppets Show! Hes really sweet, and already fully trained, and quickly becoming a part of our family, as long as he doesnt eat one of the cats! Nothing else happened that last two weeks, at least nothing I can think of. Oh wait Michael Jackson Died Of course I actually felt worse about Billy Mays dying, especially after enjoying watching the show Pitchmen, very sad to see him go, he seemed like a stand up guy. And now on to the links, because there are lots

The USC Football 2009 Media Guide is OUT! And you can go and print out your own copy for freeeeeeeee! I expect everyone that I know personally to carry their copy with them at all times and to show me it when I ask for it.

Is that Pete Townshend?Music
I dont know how current these album covers are from Russia, but wow those are quality with a capital T. Is that Pete Townshend?

For those of you closely following my blog you may remember me mentioning RunPee about a month ago. Well RunPee has created the #1 reason why anyone should get an iPhone, the RunPee application! Now you can quickly check when is the best time to pee while out at the movies!

Tonight (July 10th) one of my favorite TV Shows returns, with the final 10 episodes of Eureka on the newly renamed SyFy (SciFi Channel). If you havent checked it out, you really need to, the show is quirky and fun. Or if that is too mellow for you, how about purchasing some of the newest porn from Hustler (link is safe for work)? TV shows remade into Porn movies! Such as This Aint Star Trek XXX and Not Three's Company XXX. Ive purchased a box set of all volumes Ok I havent really, but its still funny.

Spanking The internet was made for fun, but before the internet there were other fun things (many of which still exist) such as Dungeons and Dragons, Satan's game! Oh wait, no its not Satan's game, its just a freaking board game with imagination, but anyway, did you know that playing Dungeons and Dragons actually is a great tool for learning things about business? I have to agree, just as I agree with those articles that say playing Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games get people ready for real world scenarios. And lets continue with the theme of lists of 10 with a top 10 list of things NOT to buy with your credit card. Credit card companies dont just deal with numbers, they also write up psychological profiles based upon the purchased you make, and these items bring up the red flags (dont worry I boought my boxed set via Paypal!). I see you a top 10 list and raise you to the 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads of All Time (Ive included my favorite to the right).

This is usually my favorite section, since Im a big tech geek. The biggest tech news of the week has to be Googles official announcement that they are working on a Google Chrome Operating System, its about time they actually just came out an admitted to it, after a couple years of speculation. For those of you tech support people, the guys at Support Details might help your job be a little easier, with their website attempts to auto detects settings on a customers computer. Some of you might have noticed that I have a Twitter account (and you can follow me and the posts here there!) well I present to you the Twitter 10 Commandements. Yeah I know I do 1 or 2 of those (such as Auto-Tweet). Oh and last but not least Google Voice now lets users change their phone number that they originally got randomly from Grand Central, you even get to try and make a customer #, I was able to get us a phone number close to our home number. We are going to start using the Google Voice number when we give out our number to people.

And lastly I present some of the best videos Ive found on the Internet the past 2 weeks.

Very neat video by a Japanese band that must a been a bitch to produce and direct.

Can you flush a whole roll of toilet paper down a airplane toilet?

What watch he does to get the top button of his shirt snapped, that's awesome!

Which to you prefer, the A Hole or the B Hole?

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