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Weekly Cool Links #9 - 006/26/09 - Brent Favre

Oh well, I wasnt able to keep my weekly cool links weekly. I just didnt really have enough stuff to share last Friday.

First lets start with personal stuff, I got a fraking ticket last Saturday! Sad part is I didnt even do what the officer said I did, oh well. Im contemplating fighting it in court, but I dont even know if its worth it. Our bathroom is almost done. I know I keep promising pictures, and I keep meaning to post them, but Im going to wait till its completed (which should after I get home from work on Friday). We have also been working on getting the cabinet doors painted and hung up in the kitchen, we are about 3/4 of the way done after we were able to hang up 5 of the doors last night. We are trying to get as much as possible done before our big 4th of July House Warming party that we are having next Saturday! Many pictures will be taken and Ill make sure I get them on here ASAP. And lastly Ive been doing my best to get my ass in shape the last three weeks by going for walks 3-4 times a week. Last night I broke my current record by taking a 4.11 mile walk averaging 3.5 miles per hour. Ive been using a site called Trail Guru along with my iPhone to keep track of my adventures (Kelly has been going with me most the time as well).

Without further ado, I bring my weekly links.

First Id like to pay tribute to one of my favorite quaterbacks of all time.OJbUXOfHLoi771fazAElUEpLo1_400 We really are going to miss you Brent! (from As Seen in WI)

Cool Websites
Moving on, have you ever wanting to make a decision but werent sure which way to go? Then give the site Hunch a try, it will ask some questions about you (the more questions the better it knows you) and then it will attempt to help you have a decision.

Cool Tech
Windows was really in the news this week with the announcement of pricing for Windows 7 ($120-320 depending on what version), to be released on October 22, 2009. The Home Premium upgrade will be $120 but if you act now you can get it for $50 on preorder, or if you act from now till the 28th you can walk into Micro Center and get a coupon to purchase it for $39.99 once its released! Microsoft also released a beta version of the brand new Microsoft Security Essentials, which is basically a lite version of Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus software, good for those of us that dont need the extras included in the pay versions of those types of software. Im using it on a number of computers already and find that it has a very small footprint, so far I like it and will be recommending it to friends asking for help. Another thing I recommend to friends when they ask is Firefox. Firefox is just about to have their next big update with the 3.5 version coming out very soon. In the meantime Im suggesting people check out the Lifehacker Firefox Add-on Packs, which will greatly improve your internet experiences. I havent checked this piece of software out personally yet but if you are in need of heat mapping out your wireless network you might want to get ekahau Heatmapper out, its supposed to be pretty sweet. And to wrap up the cool tech from the week, check out this USB Microwave that is in the works!

Cool TV
Those of you that know me, know I really enjoyed the Drew Carey show. Ive now started keeping up with him on his new blog, Drew From TV. He has insights from The Price is Right, soccer, and from just life in general. Ive always liked Drew and he would be one of those guys I feel like I could just site down with and talk to for hours. One of my favorite mini-series of all times was Band of Brothers, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg did an awesome job, and now Im looking forward to their next World War II mini-series, The Pacific (click link for article and trailer). This one has a very fond place in my heart since this where my grandfather fought, I cant wait!

Cool Music
This guy took the time analyzing a bunch of data to figure out what bands have the most passionate fans. Its a pretty cool read, especially if you like numbers, and Im happy to report my favorite band Jimmy Eat World is on his list, along with a couple other bands I enjoy.

Cool Games
Ive heard a lot of really positive press about this game coming out for the Nintendo DS called Scribblenauts, sounds like a major breakthrough in games. If PC gaming is more your thing, and you are cheap, then you might want to check out Download Squads list of the 25 best free cross-platform games. There are some very solid games in the list, and best of all they are FREEEEEEEEE.

Cool Funny Links
Check out these amazing INTERNET SEX PHOTOS! completely work safe!
Have you ever bought something via the internet (re:Craigslist) and were confused when the description was a little off? Well check out Item not as described, which does its best to archive those items that just dont really fit their description!

Cool Sports Video of the Week!
I know its more like audio of the week, and I know Ive posted this in the past, but sometimes you just gotta stay with what entertains you.

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