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Weekly Cool Links #8 - 06.12.2009 - Analog TV is Dead Edition!

So analog TV is dead, long live digital TV! Not much new this week for us. I've started going for walks at night, up to 6 miles so far this week, hoping for 10 by the end of the week. I haven't started the 100 pushup challenge since no one told me to. But maybe I'll start it this week. Our friends Sean and Amber came over with their baby Jade, we had a really great time watching the Laker game. I cooked chicken and steak kabobs with red onion, green bell peppers, and some of our tomatoes. The kabobs tasted great thanks to my olive oil and garlic mix that I baste them with while I'm cooking (along with some salt and pepper). The bathroom is coming along, the huge tub is in and all the walls are up, tile should be getting done next week. I'll post some pictures this weekend of how things are coming along.

And now it's time for my weekly cool links, 3 WEEKS IN A ROW! I'm on a roll!

If you cook like we do and you like a variety of sauces and condiments, you might want to check out the Table of Condiments, it shows you when it's best to throw out things that have been sitting in your fridge. Talking about food check out these pictures of school lunches around the world. Talking about lunch I "brown bag" it 4 out of the 5 days of the week when I'm going ot work, so I'm going to take some of these tips at Lifehacker on ways to make it more appealing (I already have been doing some of them). I find that cooking more meals for dinner help make lunches for appealing since you get more variety instead of just a sandwich. In addition I want to get some nice lunchbox ware to take my lunches in so I'm going to look around the To-Go Ware website and find something that fits my needs, probably something like a tiffen.

There is lots of new tech coming out, iPhone 3GS, Windows 7, Google Wave, etc, and Lifehacker has put together a article explaining it all.

Wow that's it, that's all I have this week that probably interests anyone, I have some other links I kept for myself but nothing really that I think is that interesting.

But before you go, FlickChart has opened up their beta to the public and I've been rating movies (over 700 so far). Here is my All-Time Top 20 according to the rankings (it's pretty close but not perfect IMO).

Your Top 20
Of All Time

  1. Forrest Gump

  2. The Lord of th...

  3. The Princess B...

  4. Hot Fuzz

  5. Saving Private...

  6. Juno

  7. Across the Uni...

  8. Star Trek

  9. American Pie

  10. Raiders of the...

  11. Sweeney Todd

  12. Office Space

  13. Rushmore

  14. High Fidelity

  15. Almost Famous

  16. Serenity

  17. Iron Man

  18. Forgetting Sar...

  19. Wall-E

  20. The Dark Knight

Some of them are there just because they haven't gone up against movies I like a lot more yet, so the rankings are a bit of luck, even if you've ranked movies over 900 times.

And then lastly I leave you with an infomercial gone wrong...


What are these advantages of being a big guy that the big guy speaks of?
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