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Weekly Cool Links #7 - 06.05.09 Edition

Another week in the can, and I'm actually doing my weekly cool links two Fridays in a ROW!!!! Not much new on the personal front, was busy at work this week doing a new class, was enjoyable the first run but because of the content was a bit monotonous the second time through it, oh well that's the nature of the beast when you are a trainer. The bathroom is coming along, most of the drywall is up and the plumbing is all in, next week should see some real visible work completed and I'll post more pictures. The tomatoes are starting to ripen, so that's progress! Now on to the links!

This week I'm starting with all the technical stuff. Windows 7 launch looks to be happening on Oct. 23rd. Really looking forward to 7 especially now that they appear to be doing an upgrade program, according to this article on Engadget you will be able to get upgrade copies of Windows 7 for $50-100 bucks! Now just to decide if I want to go to 64bit or stay with 32bit! How about a search engine just for software and games? That's what Wakoopa is. They can even recommend the best apps by looking at your daily usage and you can share your application usage with friends! Do you use Wordpress, just like me? Well CSSJockey has came out with some new free themes that look to be more then just another theme, imagination. Are you the type of person that wants to try to fix your tech gadgets or even take them apart and see what makes them tick? Then iFixit's Gadget Teardowns just migth be what you are looking for to figure it all out.

Ok on to the less technical, if you'd like to install some of the best free software out there onto your computer, take a look at the Lifehacker Pack 2009, which is a pretty good guide of free Windows downloads for both you and family members. I have a close knit 7 or 8 websites I look at daily but sometimes I'm looking for more of what I already like, that's when something like SimilarSites can prove to be very useful, unfortunately and aren't popular enough to have sites they could recommend as similar, but Lifehacker does. Another specific search engine to check out is which is a bookmarklet directory, fills a need I suppose.

I got another link for us movie lovers, Flickchart lets you rank the best movies of all time, I'm waiting for my invite to check it out, but it looks promising, basically it make you have to choose between movies instead of just giving them ranks.

Don't really have much in the "fun" department this week when it comes to links, but I'm sure the Tiny Toons episode below will entertain you. This episode actually was on TV at least once because I remember seeing it, but probably not the best way to teach kids not to drink, especially considering the broad audience of this show at the time.

Here is another awesome video that was shown at E3 of the soon to be released Rock Band: Beatles, looks like I'll be playing and singing a bunch of Beatle's once it's released!

Here is a pretty cool and funny one, Will Ferrell has come out with a sun screen line, that 100% of the proceeds go to Cancer for College charity.

[caption id="attachment_672" align="alignright" width="160" caption="You Can Look This Good!"]You Can Look This Good![/caption]

But in order to really look that good you got to be in good shape, and as of right now I'm in a shape, but it's the shape of round, so I'm contemplating trying one of those goofy challenges that have been so popular on the Internet. The One Hundred Push Ups challenge... Then maybe I'll do the 5k/3Mile challenge, I don't know, whatever I'm going to do I need to track it somewhere and I need some encouragement to get my fat ass in shape. So post here and tell me to get my fat ass in shape!

And last, but definitely not least, I'd like to share with you my lovely readers Coed Magazines 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-Time, you heard that right one for every week of the year. Personally I feel that #4 got short changed and should be #1, and #40, but that's just me. Tell me who you think got short changed!
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