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Weekly Cool Links #6 - 05.29.09 edition

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This is the "I no longer have strep throat" edition! Man last week sucked, I came down with strep on Tuesday the 19th and that basically ruined the week and my holiday weekend. But I'm feeling better now. Our master bathroom is going through renovations which started on Tuesday the 26th we are using a contractor that Kelly knows through her business really nice guy and I highly recommend him, TL Dunnam Construction. Other then that not much happened the past two weeks, so on to the very light cool links!

Movie Stinger will tell you if you might want to stay after the credits of a movie, they notify you of post credit scenes! Didn't know there was a end scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, too bad the movie sucked. Talking about movies this one is perfect for both my friend Sean and Mike, Run Pee tells you when the best time is to go run and pee during a movie, such as during the awesome Star Trek, there is a 3 minute window 50 minutes into the movie that they suggest as a good pee break and it even tells you what you'll miss! ShowRSS will help you get your TV Torrent fix, since it will help automate your torrent download process.

Here are a couple food links, with summer coming around I'm sure everyone is interested in ways to help them grill better, I know I sure am! The first one I have is from Lifehacker, Top 10 Skills to Master your Grill, then to follow that up how about 9 Affordable Cuts of Steak and how Grill Them! Maybe you are more into grilling a whole chicken well then make sure you know the about twisting the leg and pressing the breast to check doneness. And if you'd rather do your cooking inside check out the Simple Dollars tips on the Flexible Casserole Recipe, who knew it was that simple!

And then lastly from Amazon for the person that has everything, I bet you they don't have a JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank!

Have a great weekend. Please comment if you are enjoying this and also send me your links!
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