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Weekly Cool Links #5 - 05.15.09 edition

Oh well look at that there, my site has a new design. It's still a work in progress but it's a good start. So I was on vacation last week and didn't get around to posting any new links, I don't have a ton this week but I have a couple neat ones. Before I start the links a little about what's going on. We've been working a bunch on the home still, we were able to get the garage all cleaned up and we also got a new garage door and opener installed, so now we park our cars in the garage overnight! Other then that the house is coming along great, I'm meeting with our contractor next week to finalize some stuff regarding our master bathroom and soon we will have two working baths! We got annual passes to Disneyland during our vacation (this isn't the first time), so expect some posts about the park, and pictures from it eventually. I'd love to hear what anyone thinks about the site redesign, it allowed me to make some nice personal headers (the top graphics) of things from the last couple years, I will be adding more. Ok now on to the links!

I have a little bit of a perdicament, a year ago I registered the domain LetsGoDodgers and at first I was going to make a Dodgers blog, but I'm not committed enough to continue something like that, since I really do have a life outside of the internet. The problem now is that I have 19 days to decide if I want to continue owning the domain, I think it could be a nice site to own and develop someday so I don't really want to let it go, I even registed LetsGoTrojans sometime after that, but did even less there. So I'd love to hear comments from anyone that reads this as to what I should do with either of those sites.

First off probably the best site I've found this week, thanks to Bill over at Dubious Quality for Awkward Family Photos! There are some real gems there. For those of you in California, thougth I would pull a oldie from my own links I like to visit, California Highways, can pretty much tell you everything you've ever wanted to know about the roads we travel on here in the CA.

Kelly and I both enjoy watching Talk Soup and now after watching this preview for Community and I'm really looking forward to seeing Joel McHale (and even Chevy Chase) in the fall.

Here are some links I found through LifeHacker this week. TrueCar will help you find out if the price you are getting for that new car is actually a good deal compared to what others are getting. I can tell you we got a great deal on our G35 looking at the price of the new G37. If you are looking for a book review site, you might want to check out Book Army, which will make suggestions basted on users with similar tastes of yours, I've signed up and will work on adding books, since I'd like to start reading more.

DUKE NUKEM IS DEAD! One of the biggest computer game stories of the century and yet it took me nearly a week to actually find this out. 3D Realms has closed for business. "Shake it baby...".

My webhost Dreamhost is having a wonderful special going on right now. If you signup for webhosting using the promotional code " SAVETHEDEVIL" you will not only get $50 off your signup but they will also donate $50 to the Save the Tasmanian Devil program. All you have to do is click on this link to check out my host and use the promotion code, they are a great host that does great things.

[caption id="attachment_652" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Who wouldn't want to save this cute guy?"]Who wouldn't want to save this cute guys?[/caption]

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