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Weekly Cool Links #3 - 04.24.09 edition

Well I skipped a week. But I have good reason when I began thinking about last weeks WCL I realized I didn't have much to share so I just decided not to save what I had for this week. It's been sort of a slow "cool" links period the last couple weeks, but I'll share what I got.

First on the home front, Kelly and I have been working lots on the house, especially on the yard this past week. We over seeding all the grass and are in the process of putting some topper soil over it all to help the new see grow. In addition to that our tomatoes plants have really took off and we already have a bunch of tomatoes growing, soon enough we'll be able to have our first taste of our first home grown tomatoes!

Back to the links. USC Football linebackers made the cover of this weeks Sports Illustrated!lbs Looking forward to the NFL Draft this weekend and seeing where the former Trojans all go.

Macs never get viruses.... Right. That's why they are becoming zombie computers and doing DoS attacks due to a trojan that is infecting Macs. Glad to see a programmer taking the time to show Macs aren't perfectly safe either. My webhost (Dreamhost) is offering TWO FREE YEARS of webhosting to the first 1000 Geocities customers that make the switch to a real webhost. That's a savings of $200 bucks! And if you aren't a Geocities customer you can still get great service and sign up for them from this link here (although it's not free).

Google has a great new mobile version of their product search online now! Specifically for iPhones and Andriod phones. Looking forward to utilizing it while I'm out and about shopping.

My favorite computer magazine, Maximum PC just released an online article where they built a $500 Kick-ASS PC that can run Cyris at 40 FPS, pretty good bang for your buck!

Don't forget about the big gay storm and the need for the super-umbrella!

Last couple things. I was reintroduced to a card game that I used to love to play in high school called Tien len and just wanted to share it with everyone, it's great for 3-4 players and simple to learn. If you read through the rules I suggest to play with the alternate rule that you don't have to match suits on pairs and straights because that just makes it a pain in the ass. Just remember hearts are always the high suit!

And lastly, SAVE CHUCK! Chuck has been one of my favorite shows to watch the past 2 years and it would be a disappointment for NBC to take such and good show off the air and continue to air crap like The Apprentice. Come on NBC! Go here and see what us fans can do to try and help Save Chuck! I hate Subway and I might even end up eating it on the night of the season finale just to do my part to help the show.
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