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Weekly Cool Links #2 - 04.10.09 edition

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Ok another weekly links rounddup! Wow 2 weeks in a row, almost as consistent as my nearly weekly posting over at Eat in OC!

So first something local, the guys over at Food Frenzy are asking What's your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant around Orange County. I chimed in about Tom's Tacos in Stanton.

Game Booster looks like a nice all in one tool to use to get your PC ready for gaming. If you know me well enough you know I love the new TV show Fringe, someone on the intarwebs has figured out that the symbols they show out to commerical actually stand for letters! Talking about great TV shows, there was a story this week about Dollhouse being canceled because the 13th episode isn't going to be aired, but now it's said there has been no decision has been made, and the reason the 13th won't be aired is just because it's not part of the agreement with FOX... I'm really hoping FOX picks both Dollhouse and Sarah Connor Chronicles, I've been enjoying them both. Back to computer stuff, I've been testing out Subsonic, basically it's an all in one media server/web server, pretty good and appears solid so far.

On to a link about Politics, the Universal Free Church has a petition to ban Mormon marriage, and although I personally wouldn't want to go that far, their real stance is that they want to people to understand the difference of religious freedom and religious fascism.

On to some sports stuff, spring practice started for USC 2 weeks ago, and I forgot to include this picture...

[caption id="attachment_619" align="alignright" width="88" caption="USC Spring Practice!"]USC Spring Practice![/caption]

Talking about sports my heart goes out to the friends and family of fallen Angel Nick Adenhart who lost his life way too early as a result of an idiot drunk driver.

And lastly, I've finally started to try and listen to podcasts on a regular basis, ever since KLSX went off the air I've been craving some talk radio. So far I've been listing to TWiT, Maximum PC No BS, and Windows Weekly. I'm sure I'll find some more techcentric podcasts to enjoy as well. Plus I'm a big fan of Leo Leporte.

Oh and last but not least, Google finally adds the ability to ad images inline to emails via Gmail! YAY now I don't have to do it the stupid way I was forced to when I send emails to friends!

Sorry no real cool and interesting links this week, more of a tech week for me.
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