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Weekly Cool Links #1 - 04.03.09 edition

This is a little something I'm going to try. Share news stories and interesting things I found on the Intarweb this week.

First off let's start with an interesting discovery that workers are 9% more productive when they get some free time during work to browse around the internet. I've been a big supporter of this since internet was enabled at my work and I've personally felt the effects of this with me. It lets me get my mind off work and refresh. Lifehacker has a round up of all their "Best of the Best" votes they've had since January, it's a great list of useful programs and internet places to get things done (everything from people searches to browsers). Want to see if your username is available on a multitude of websites (social networking and etc.) all at one time, well then check out Namechk. And in the same sort of tone, there is Domain Search for checking domain names. Gizmodo reports that the QuickPWN team has already released a Jailbreak for iPhone 3.0 Beta, I won't be checking it out, since I'll wait till the official 3.0, but glad to see they are well ahead of the release. Oh and lastly, from OC Weekly's Navel Gazing Blog the Universal Free Church has launched a proposal to ban Mormon marriage, in an attempt to bring awareness to religious freedoms and religious free speech. I'll be signing the petition because I believe that no religion has the right to push their agenda on anyone else, but I'm sure most of you already knew that's how I feel.

Anyway, I'll try to do this weekly, or monthly, or as often as I can remember and get time for. Expect a personal update later.
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