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House Hunting - Final Loan Approval, Appliances, and More oh my!

So at 1:00 PM today our loan guy called to tell me that we got final loan approval! Everything is done with underwriting and it's off to the escrow office to pull and finalize all the paperwork! We have a couple more things to sign with the escrow company and I guess then that's it. It's the home stretch!

On Saturday we purchased our fridge, dishwasher, and range, and then on Sunday we purchased our washer and dryer. We really like the bottom freeze design of the fridge and from my research fridges without the ice dispensers on the door are big pluses. Not much to say about the dishwasher other then Consumer Reports had it highly rated. We were a bit torn on which range to get, there was a really nice double oven that we wanted, with convection but couldn't justify the price, so we went with this single oven that has convection and a warming tray. Then the washer and dryer were pretty highly rated on Consumer Reports and we didn't have a need for them to stack, not to mention the capacities are huge.

Also on Saturday I met with two electricians and went over the work I need done on teh wiring for the house. We need to get our panel and riser moved because they are currently in the garage and it's the original subpanel from 1949. In addition to that we need a new switch put in the living room for the light (it's currently in a closet???) and I need to get a dedicated breaker put in the room that is going to be the office that I have the computer in. I then met to more electricians today, I think I'm set on who I want to use, but I'm still waiting for one more finalized quote.

Today we also had two roofing companies check out the roof. They both felt the roof was in good shape except for 1 or 2 trouble spots that shingles have blow off of. In addition one of the companies pointed out an issue with the flashing on our eaves that is allowing water to puddle up on the eaves.

Lastly we had a sales consultant from Home Depot talk to us about installing partial window replacements for 15 windows in the house. The house currently has the original single pane, double hung, wood pane windows. We want to get really nice double pane, double hung, vinyl windows installed throughout the house. They gave us a quote, and we are working on getting two more from other companies.

So that's where we stand, we are almost done!

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