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House Hunting - Counter Offer #2

Alright so when I last left you on Tuesday we sent back a counter offer and were waiting for the bank to respond. We got a response on Wed. and they budge a little but did not meet our offer. After talking we decided our counter offer was a high as we wanted to go and we spoke with our Realtor who suggested that although the price the bank wanted was still a really good deal we could go ahead and do a final counter offer back to the bank saying we don't want to go higher and he would also let them know we are already qualified for the amount we are offering. Our Realtor called the realtor for the bank and explained the situation to him, he responded back that they had now already "got some offers for above the asking price". We called BS, since why would they want to counter for less if they know they can get more (especially since this is a bank, not a person selling). So we continued with our final offer.

Today we heard back from our Realtor after he called the banks realtor and the offer was sent up to someone higher at the bank to analyze. The Realtor on the bank side didn't mention a single thing about other offers, which leads our Realtor and us to believe there are no other offers. We expect to hear an answer tomorrow! This could be one heck of a Christmas gift.

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