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House Hunting - Counter Offer #1

So we got a counter offer from the bank that owns the property. We have now sent in another counter offer. According to the Realtors involved now what will happen is the bank that owns the property will send the counter-offer up to a higher manager to analyze the numbers and make a decision. I understand 99.9% of the decision is all based on money and projections, but hopefully the interest we are showing and the quick response back on the counter offer will count for something as well.

It's looking like we might get an amazing rate (5.125%)

We are pretty close to getting to the point where we will just stand back and wait a couple weeks to see what happens. We are already close to what we would prefer to pay. Trying to keep emotions out, but if this is the place you are going to live in for awhile, you want to really like the place.

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