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Kick A$$

Well first I have to say that was an awesome show, even though Dexter Freebish didn't show up ( I was there for SR-71 mainly anyway! ). First off I got to meet Kacy that was cool, she seems nice (although we didn't chat long) and she's cute ;P~ .

The Show was great! Three bands played a local band called No One Special, who is from Irvine, music was good lyrics sounded good but I'm not sure about the singers voice. Next was Whipt these guys were great! They are total Emo-Punk and sounded a little like New Found Glory. I bought their demo CD (only 5 bucks!). The CD is good, I look forward to checking them out again sometime. Then on to the big guys, SR-71, they sounded amazing. I had never heard them live but they were great. The only played about 6 of their songs and 3 cover songs of old school Rock. The played "Money Talks" by AC/DC and then later they played "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick. "Right Now" really pumped up everyone and was defiantly the highlight of the set.

SR-71 really kicks ass, and although the show was free I would have paid the $15 bucks to see that show. Looking forward to doing something like this again real soon...

Well it's bed time for me...

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