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House Hunting - The Begining

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Actually this isn't the begining, but it is the begining of us really house hunting. For the past 6 months we have been using Redfin and Trulia to search for homes that we might be interested in. The problem we ran into with Redfin is that the concept is great and their search is top notch, but they won't work with short sales. Now hold on before you tell me short sales suck, I already know this. I'm just interested in trying for the homes we like, and if that involves the possibility of a short sale I want to be able to make sure I'm using a Realtor that wants to work with us to find our home. This is what brings us to our possible new Realtor, Dan Slater from Orange Realty. He seems like a really nice guy so that's a start. He mentioned he is a board member on the city of Orange Chamber of Commerce and he knows one of the marketing guys at my work. Next I'll have to see if my barber knows him (Dick seems to know everyone). Here are our housing qualifications.

We are looking for homes under the $400k range and we don't want to deal with PMI
We love Orange and would love to live in the Plaza area but we know we can't afford that, so we are looking in a couple various Neighborhoods in Orange and also Garden Grove.
3 Bedroom 1+/2 Bath
1000+ Sq/Ft house on 7000+ Sq/Ft lot
Prefer to have a back yard without a pool
2 car garage is a must

He's going to take us out looking at homes on Sunday, so that should be fun. I will keep you all posted on how things go and I'll try to take some pictures of the homes we go look at.

Oh and for you political fans, no this is now Dan Slater from Colorado. ;)
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