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2008 Movies We Have Seen - Reviews

  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) e 3.5/5

    2008-11-17 12:18
    * * * +

    Good Judd Apatow movie, not the best though.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewEagle Eye (2008) e 3.5/5

    2008-11-17 12:16
    * * * +

    Action packed movie that just kept going and going. I liked the story and the use of technology although it was a little out of whack of what could happen in real life. None the less I'm the guy that watched Alias and that was a comic book world, so this was a good watch.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewTropic Thunder (2008) e 3.5/5

    2008-11-17 12:09
    * * * +

    Solid funny buddy flick. I think the hype had sort of wore off by the time we saw it. Really had some funny parts, but some of it was just a little too goofy.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewKabluey (2007) e 3.5/5

    2008-11-17 12:01
    * * * +

    Sort of slow and pretty weird, but all together fun. Total indie flick, has a number of laugh moments and heart moments.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewThe Dark Knight (2008) e 5/5

    2008-11-17 12:01
    * * * * *

    As great if not better then the first one. Great story and lots of action. Really like Christian Bale as the Dark Knight!

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewGet Smart (2008) e 3.5/5

    2008-11-17 11:57
    * * * +

    Mmmmm Anne Hathaway. Entertaining walk down memory lane and Carell does a good job playing Maxwell Smart. Oh and did I mention MMMMmmmmm Anne Hathaway?

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewThe Incredible Hulk (2008) e 3/5

    2008-11-17 11:55
    * * *

    This movie could have been so much better if it wasn't for them wanting to make a big action scene at the end. If they had ended the movie at the point that Bruce thought he was cured it would have set the movie up perfect for the Abomination to be in the sequal.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewYou Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) e 1.5/5

    2008-11-17 11:50
    * +

    Don't mess with this movie. It's not worth the plastic it's printed on, even for the few big jokes that made me laugh.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewThe Fall (2006) e 4/5

    2008-11-17 11:44
    * * * *

    Really cool flick that I liked a lot. Sort of different for the fact that it's a story within a story, but this is a can't be missed movie.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewDrillbit Taylor (2008) e 3/5

    2008-11-17 11:30
    * * *

    Goofy flick. Enjoyable but nothing great.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewBe Kind Rewind (2008) e 3.5/5

    2008-11-17 11:28
    * * * +

    I really liked this movie, wasn't great but it was a real feel good movie. Kelly wasn't as big on it as me, but it was solid fun.

  • Show the reviewHide the reviewRole Models (2008) e 4/5

    2008-11-15 00:00
    * * * *

    Another comedy for the list. I really like Paul Rudd and I'm already a fan of Seann William Scott so this was a no brainer to see.

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