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2008 Presidential Election Eve

We went to Santa Monica 3rd Street yesterday and there were lots of No on Prop 8 supporters. Kelly, my mom, and I got stickers are wore them all day. We saw lots of supporters throughout LA waving signs in support of No on 8, I haven't seen this much action to election day ever. I wonder if the turn out will be must higher then in previous presidential election years. I read that the Church of Latter Day Saints spent over $20,000,000 in support of Yes on 8... Maybe they should spend that money on helping people instead of supporting discrimination. Oh well. Also heard the Catholic Church was the #2 supporter of Yes on 8, little do they understand that their own people oppose Prop 8 at a 2-1 ratio.

Then there is Prop 4, the one that tries to paint Planned Parenthood as some organization that unlawfully doesn't report possible rape, incest, and abuse to the authorities. Prop 4 is the initiative that would prohibit abortion for unemancipated minors until 48 hours after physician notifies minors parent, legal guardian or, if parental abuse has been reported, an alternative adult family member. The commercials in support of it are trying to show that bad bad men constantly rape girls and drive them to the doctors to get abortions, and this will continue without it passing. Guess who is supporting this Prop? Pretty much the same organizations that support Prop 8.

Lastly we have Prop 2, whose supporters advertise with clips from farms that were already illegally treating animals badly. Prop 2 is in support of allowing farm animals for consumption time outside of cages and freedom to move around. I all for the better treatment of animals, regardless if it's a pet or an animal for consumption, but the commercials themselves are sensationalistic because they are showing one farm that was fined for their treatment of animals (they were doing something illegal, this Prop wouldn't have changed their actions).

Anyway, those are the big ones in CA. Not much else really going on, there is some measure J in Orange County regarding taxes (not much info on it), and I have some council members to choose and a school board member for Santa Ana.

Election coverage should be fun tomorrow.

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