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New Car (again), Etc.

So for those that haven't heard we got a new car. I don't have any great pictures to show of it yet, I'll take some this weekend to show it off. We got a 2008 Infiniti G35 Journey Sedan Sport (that's a mouthful!). The car is just amazing, talk about power, 0-60 in 5.4 seconds, 306 HP, V6 with RWD. I absolutely love the car. In addition to all the power it's great inside, power leather seats, navigation, XM radio, it even has a back up camera! We are really enjoying it.

In addition to that I was able to get Apple to replace my iPhone due to various issues I was having with it crashing, hopefully this will resolve those issues, so far so good! Kelly has to take a trip up to San Francisco so she will be gone Thursday night till Friday night, I'll miss her.

Other then that most everything else is good. We went to Oak Glen two weekends ago with all my family (parents, sister, brother in law and kids) and picked apples. We brought them home and Kelly cooked an apple pie, while I BBQ'd for everyone. It was nice all hanging out, I'm hoping we can start doing that more often on my side of the family. I did something to my left shoulder on Sunday morning and it's been very painful when I extend it forward and do other various movements with it, so I've had to pull up lame on softball for awhile. If it still feels the same next week I'll set up a doctors appointment to get it looked at; but as it is right now, I can't swing a softball bat.

Work is good, very busy lately, but busy is a good thing, especially in this economy! My cousin Tim is getting married this weekend, I'm really happy for him! Next weekend we are going to see The Who!

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