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Vote NO on Prop 8

This video hits dead on why it shouldn't matter if a man and woman, woman and woman, or a man and man can marry. With a world with so many issues as there already are, is it really right to discriminate a couple that loves one another because they are different then you?


Allowing two people of the same sex isn't going to affect me in any way shape or form, it won't make my love for my wife Kelly any less, and it won't change the direction the world rotates. Children aren't going to all the sudden be taught that not only can Betty and Ted get married but so can Fred and Ted, or Betty and Bertha. People once were affraid of different races or nationalities getting married, just like they were once affraid of different religions getting married, it's all the same. It is not our place to place judgement on what is right and wrong. As the famous rapper 2-Pac once said (Doug will love this) "Only God can judge me!".

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