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2008 Fall TV Season

Let's see, what have I enjoyed and what have I been disappointed by.

Chuck - has been great, and is probably a show I look forward to seeing the most. Although I am getting tired of the will-they-or-won't-they stuff, but Chuck deserves to have a girl like Sarah!
How I Met Your Mother - Got off to a sort of slow start, but they nailed it this week.
Big Band Theory - I don't like the current outcome of the relationship, honestly they should make Sheldon and the geek girl end up together, they hate enough each other.
Sarah Connor Chronicles - Been decently solid, nothing spectacular, but it's been fun, too bad the ratings are dropping.
Entourage - Been solid since it started up, haven't seen this week's episode yet.
Eureka - Was a good first half of the season, glad to know there will be more episodes in the winter!
Fringe - The best new show of the season. The doctor is hilarious, and I like the content. Pacey even does a good job!
Smallville - I've been pretty happy with this, I do miss Lex though. I'm happy they are getting Clark and Lois to like each other now, that means more screen time for Erica Durance! There is talk they might do an season 9...
My Name is Earl - There have been a lot of funny laugh out loud things, but the episodes themselves have just been ok.
The Office - Must see TV at it's finest, it's one of the shows I can't live without. Michael just needs to work it out with the HR girl!
Burn Notice - Just like Eureka, is on it's mid season break, can't wait for the winter to get more of the best spy show on TV!

Heroes - I haven't watched this week's episode yet, but so far this has been a steaming pile of crap lately, and I'm afraid I might end up dropping off my must watch list.

Pushing Daises - Haven't watched the recording episodes we have yet.

Can't Wait Till They Come Back
24 - BRING ME JACK BAUER! It's been so long, I miss you Jack!
Lost - Is it January yet?

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