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I Hate Politics

The problem with politics; the root of the problem with all political parties and with political candidates is that instead of choosing the best person normally Im stuck with having to choose the least bad person for the job. Look Im a responsible adult that tries to make the right decisions when it comes to my career, my life, and my investments, I dont feel I have the need to be baby-sit and have my hand held throughout my life by the government. Its the governments responsibility to protect me, not to take care of me.

Im not looking for handouts, I dont feel that the government has an obligation to me to provide health care, bail me out of bad financial investments, nor give things I want free. I do think people that make more money should pay more taxes. Look if you are making millions of dollars you can afford to pay more taxes, sure it sucks, but thats the price of being successful in our society. I do think the government needs to look out more for the people of the USA then they do for the companies of the USA. I have very conflicting views that travel the full gamut of political parties. I love the environment and believe we should do a lot more then we currently do to protect it. I feel that our immigration laws should be enforced, not because I hate people that are different, but because I want people that are willing to endure the difficult process of becoming an American citizen, instead of those looking for a free ride (its a privilege not a right). Im all for people coming here for a better life, but you got to do it the right way. Children up to the age of 18 deserve great education, because they are our future of the US, preschool should be mandatory from around age 3, and there should be wide improvements in the infrastructure of the US educational system, up to high school.

All investment in corn as a fuel should be stopped and more research should be taken into more efficient ways of the production of fuels (there are types of grass that are less expensive and much more efficient). All government subsidies should be removed. Abortion should be legal for any pregnant woman, but at the same time there should be strict guidelines on what reasons and when. Religion has no place in laws, period. People that get married and or have children should not get tax breaks. In fact people that have children should have to pay more taxes. Oh by the way, I dont care if you are straight or gay, you deserve to be married to the person you love regardless of your sexual orientation. Marriage is not a religious concept. If religions want to call it something else, more power to them, but a marriage is a marriage and thats what the government should recognize it as.

Companies shouldnt be able to lobby the government to make things illegal because they might compete with their business. This is a free market as long as the item isnt going to be deadly to my health it should be legal (not to say all substances should be legal, but things like stevia were illegal for years for no apparent reason). Talking about legal substances, marijuana should be legalized and taxed. But being under the influence of it should be illegal at times, just like alcohol. I could probably go on and on, but Id continue to make too much sense if I do.

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