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Bailout B.S.

I wrote to my congressmen for the first time ever today.
Dear Congressman Campbell,

Watching the news lately it has come clear that many recent homeowners and a number of banks and investment firms made bad decisions when it came to mortgages. The US government has no reason to bail out anyone for bad business decisions. One of the main detractors to many investments are the possibilities of risks, they are known and are accepted as such. Companies should not be bailed out when they make bad investment decisions; all this will do will condition other companies to conducting the same types of investments and look for handouts as well. Along with these businesses the "homeowners" that decided to make bad decisions when it came to purchasing a home deserve no assistance with their bad choices. People should be responsible for their own actions and their own mistakes, and dont deserve a pat on the back and a bail out for their poor choices. My wife and I choose to not purchase a home the last couple years because we understood that the housing market was a mess, we didnt want to overextend ourselves on a home we couldnt really afford. It was our choice to not buy a house, just like it was others choice to buy a house. I ask you to please vote against any bill that offers to give money to companies that made bad business decisions and wasted away billions of dollars on bad mortgages and debt. Please dont condition these businesses and people that they will be helped out by the government every time that they make a bad choice.

Its frustrating to see that my good choices are being punished while others bad choices are being rewarded. I cant vote for someone that decides to reward these businesses that made poor choices, just like I cant vote for someone that is going to bail people out because they cant responsible for their own debts that they signed on the dotted line for. I do agree that there should be regulation of some type to prevent this in the future, but whats done is done. My vote for you and your party holds in the balance with your vote on this bill. Dont waste away $700,000,000,000.


Daniel Schoonover

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