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Busy Chores Day!

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I’ve been running around since I woke up this morning at 6:30!  It all started with driving Kelly to work at 7:15.  On my way home I picked up some breakfast from Del Taco and then came home to spend a little time with Buster.  At around 9:30 I put my bike in Kelly’s truck and took it over to Orange Cycle to have it get some new more road friendly tires (since we never mountain bike) and also a seat that would be comfortable for my big fat ass.  After I dropped the bike off I went to the auto store to get some towels and a clay bar to see if I could fix an issue with the truck’s hood.  A while back a bunch of white paint got sprayed onto the truck and it has been bugging me since but I wasn’t sure exactly what to use to fix it, so I decided to try the clay bar.  Before I went back home I went to the car wash and have them do just a basic clean, since it’s hard to wash your own vehicle at an apartment.  I talked to one of the guys there and he suggested that I first use lacquer thinner and then afterwards the clay bar.  So after the car was washed I went to the hardware store and picked up lacquer thinner, gloves, and razor blades.  Next I had to drop off Kelly’s paycheck and by then it was time to pick up the bike.  After getting the bike and going home I started working on the truck.  It is such an improvement, the hood looks brand new!  I also cleaned up the windshield since it had some paint spray on it as well.  Now I just need to figure out what to use on the plastic bumper to get the paint off of it.  After finishing all those chores I took a break and went to this hole in the wall middle of a neighborhood BBQ place in Santa Ana called Burrell’s BBQ, food was really good and it was nice eating outside in the sun for a change.  Next I went back home and took my newly improved bike out for a ride.  I only get a 2 mile ride but I haven’t rode my bike for awhile and it was already getting late so I just pushed my self slightly.  Now I’m sitting at the computer relaxing for a couple minutes till I drive over to to dog grooming shop and help Kelly clean and close the shop for the day.

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