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Movie Review Catchup

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  • March, 2008
  • Show the reviewHide the reviewFast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) e 5/5

    2008-03-07 18:17

    * * * * *

    You would think that me of all people would have seen this movie, considering I’m a huge Cameron Crowe fan, but for some reason I never thought of renting it till recently. Amazing movie, just like most of Crowes work. And what male with a heartbeat can’t love the pool scene.


  • Show the reviewHide the reviewTrue Romance (1993) e 3/5

    2008-03-07 18:15

    * * *

    Another black comedy, but this time from the early 90s. This movie was loaded with stars. It’s a who’s who of movie stars, Slater, Walker, Jackson, Hopper, Oldman.


  • Show the reviewHide the reviewHeathers (1989) e 2.5/5

    2008-03-07 18:14

    * * +

    Entertaining and wacky is about all I can say about this late 80’s black comedy. Although it did have the delicious Winona Ryder in it, which is a big plus.


  • Show the reviewHide the reviewBe Kind Rewind (2008) e 4/5

    2008-03-07 18:13

    * * * *

    I really liked this. It was goofy at times, but I really liked the sentimental ending. It’s not the best movie out there but I really enjoyed it. Kelly thought it was just average.


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